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40th Anniversary Invitation

Quick Facts:
  • August 16, 2008
  • Cocoanut Grove
    • Santa Cruz, CA
  • Cocktails: 6:30-7:30
  • Buffet Dinner and Camaraderie 7:30-11:30

An ad-hoc group of us did some research and spent hours talking about a quality venue with a good location and a fair price. We think we got exactly that. You can read all the juicy details below, but the ten-second version goes like this:

Please make your plans early.

Make your check payable to "Rob Karr for 1968 Lynbrook HS Reunion" and send to Rob Karr, 11157 Linda Vista Dr, Cupertino, CA 95014.

Thank you to the enthusiastic volunteers who are helping out. They're the ones who make this thing possible. If you want to help out with something, feel free to contact Rob Karr. See you at the 40th!

40th Anniversary FAQ

Why The Cocoanut Grove
Your faithful volunteers have taken their job very seriously. We wanted an easy-access location where we could not only spend Saturday night partying together, but we could have a weekend of optional smaller get-togethers (no, not just that all-nighter in Randy Reeve's room watching locker room video). We loved the idea of a Friday night hanging out on the beach in front of the boardwalk for a small group, a Saturday afternoon beach party, or a Sunday brunch prior to the final goodbye hugs between old friends. Now that we're booked at the Grove, we can start organizing all those other activities.

We wish we had many months to investigate, discuss, and hammer out a solution that would make everyone mad because it wasn't their vision. Wait- that was the mega-reunion. Truth be told- it was one conference call and a few emails. Welcome to 2K. We were staring down the barrel of the last open Saturday night in August and we've done hotel banquet rooms 4 or 5 times. We thought this has some great possibilities. We have a stage for entertainment, so the 68 all-stars will be providing music at some point for your listening, roasting, and boogie pleasure.
Our desire was to keep things as affordable as possible and to have a weekend full of opportunities to reconnect and enjoy ourselves.

The Reunion Plan
The Saturday evening event will be a five-hour affair. The dinner is a buffet to allow some mingling and time flexibility, and the bar is cash. Music will be background to allow conversation for a while, but we'll do some dance music and the aforementioned '68 musicians will play, so it'll have some kick.

This venue can hold a lot of people, so let's fill it up! There are over 500 members of our class. There are people that have never attended a reunion. We would love to see you again. Really- it's about time you figured out a way or a reason to make it happen.

The Early Bird Plan
To help us meet our financial commitments and to avoid having to sign one of Rob's cars over to the Cocoanut Grove Company, we'd love to receive your check for the Reunion any time starting yesterday. So here's the deal- if you send us your check by June 2nd (postmarked), you'll get in for $75/ea. If you send it by July 28 (postmarked) the cost is $85/ea. After that, the cost is $95/ea.

Send your check payable to "Rob Karr for 1968 Lynbrook HS Reunion", to Rob Karr, 11157 Linda Vista Dr, Cupertino, CA 95014.

Accomodations (updated 5/17/08)
Here is some current info: [please note that you may get cheaper rates if you're over 55 (we all are!) or AAA or AARP members, etc.]

We will add more info as it becomes available.

Kris Quinn has assembled some info packets too, and has this to offer:

"I have all of the information ready to send to them.  It is a complete listing, including restaurants, etc, brochures on other points of interest, discount coupons for boardwalk rides, etc. and 3 different maps including one complete map of the Santa Cruz area and postcards.  
I have 50 packages to send out..  Because of the cost involved in shipping these packages, I can only deliver one set to each address.
Just send a request to me at:  krismquinn@aol.com
reference:  Housing Information for Lynbrook Reunion.
All housing info will be mailed to attendees within 3 working days of receipt of request.  That way I don't have to go to post office but 2 times a week.

The Carousel Motel is right across the street from the Cocoanut Grove and has a basic weekend rate of $179 for a double. Just up the street on Cliff Drive are the Coast Santa Cruz Hotel and Ocean Pacific Lodge. There are a lot of other hotels in the area as well as bungalows on Beach St. But remember it's high season in Santa Cruz, so don't wait too long if you want proximity.
Also, you may wish to split a room with an old friend. There's time to plan this stuff if you wish. Spouses and significant others are of course welcome to all facets of the reunion.

A Little Help For Our Friends
Our class represents a wide range of people, lifestyles, eccentricities, and incomes. And we're damn proud of it. We're exploring the idea of creating a side fund to help any classmates who need assistance to attend. This could include sending a couple of extra bucks for those who may need a hand, or just volunteering an extra bed for an out-of-town classmate if you live nearby. A free place to stay could be the thing that makes it possible for some to attend. We'll handle the details, so we can handle arrangements once we hear from you. Email Rob Karr if you'd care to discuss. Thank you!

[6/12/08 update: We already have about $350 donated to help classmates make it!]

Friends, let's have some fun. This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. We're all going through this life together. We've lost some along the way. Life's "issues" affect us all. Let's get together, re-live some of those simpler times we spent together, rekindle old friendships, and create some new ones.

Let's go Vikings!