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Geoff Gould:
Is anyone interested in playing golf on Sunday?  There's a good muni course in Santa Cruz called DeLaveaga:
It's always kicked by butt, but I'm willing to play!

If you are going to meet at Santana Row, can you tell me a more specific location or a cell phone number so I can connect with the group after I get in? I got directions to the shopping center but that's probably not localized enough and there are always flight delays to be considered. Murphy's law WILL no doubt operate. I don't want you standing around waiting for me.
Karen Hildestad Zipser

Best place to park/meet is near the Cinearts Theatre which is at the far South end of the center (Santana Row)- and since there are parking lots on both sides of the theater, you should park in the furthest East lot (furthest away from Winchester).  It's that lot that the car gathering is in, and you can park any car there (not in the center of the car guy's area, unless you brought your Ferrari:^). 

If you can't get to Santana Row by 11:30- we'll be at Lynbrook for our picnic/walkabout from 12-1 (roughly).

I think it's a good idea to have a set of cell phone numbers to keep in touch during that weekend.  I'm not crazy about publishing mine on this (or any) interweb.  Soooooooooo, I'll be sending my cell phone number by email to all of the registered attendees just before the event (early in the week of Aug 16).  If you want to have your cell # included in the mailing to be given out, just email it to me ( before Aug 10 and I'll include it.  If you're leaving your computer connection before that, then email me and I'll give it to you specifically.


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