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What should I wear to the reunion?


I've been asked by a couple of folks about the dress code for the reunion.
Dress code?  That sounds like high school when we were there.  No shorts, no tube tops, no long hair, blah, blah, blah...
Well, there's no dress code.  Take that Stanger and Vestal.  There's a new sheriff in town.
You are free to wear whatever you want.
People that I've spoken with about this are going for casual/dressy, as in shirt/slack & cocktail dresses.  You got a Hawaiian shirt you want to show?  Bring it on.  Girls, pant suit?  Sure, or if you lack personal awareness like a lot of current young girls and want to dress like Shania- though without her figure (are your tires over-inflated?).  Give it a try.
You have an Armani suit that will show us where you live?  I can't wait to see it.
Feel free to add to this thread with what you are going to wear and let's see if there's a trend.  I'll be moving music equipment during the day/evening, so I'll be in shorts if it's hot.  Yada yada, Lynbrook establishment.


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