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Keeping in Touch / Re: Well wishes for Becky Weimortz
« on: October 09, 2009, 04:21:13 AM »
This is an update on Becky Gilson, she recovered ok from the encephalitis eposide in June 07, however the mass in the back of her brain has not gone away and there is no treatment or cure for it at this time. She had a biopsy back in May 09 and they did not discover anything bad, but they did not discover any they could treat her with, so we are back to square one. August she started getting very nausous and vomiting alot, got severely dehydrated, low on iron,potasium, was hospitalized for eleven days, her condition has greatly improved and she is currently in a nursing home for physcial therapy and will be there for at least another month. She is doing great the PT are really working her hard to get her to be able to walk again..If you would like to send her a blog, she would love to hear from you, sign up to be her friend on, its free and as I look each nite I copy and bring your comments to her daily...For anyone that knows or knew Pat Weimortz(Rainbow) class of 69, her husband has been diagnosed with brain cancer and is under going surgery next week (October 09), please send messages thru the care pages and I will forward them to Pat, or email me at Please pray for both Becky, Pat and John Rainbow

Keeping in Touch / Re: Well wishes for Becky Weimortz
« on: October 09, 2009, 04:05:52 AM »
Becky's husband, Ken Gilson, has informed us that Becky is suffering from encephalitis.  She is recovering now, but was gravely ill and faces a long rehabilitation.

Cards can be sent to her at their home: 910 No. Atwood Court, Visalia, CA 93291.

I know I wish them the best.  She's such a sweet heart.


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