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Geoff Gould:
As the webmaster, people have been sending me some pretty cool pictures as current bio updates.  I've felt kind of bad cropping everything down to a 100 pixel high headshot, but felt like that was the appropriate way to do it in an online catalog of roughly 500 classmates.

What I'd like to do here is encourage you to post those pictures in this area of the message board, so we can see the rest of your beautiful family, loved ones, favorite pet, etc.  Here are the basic instructions.

First, if you have the photo online, just use the "insert image" icon (second from left in the icon row above the smileys)
  just select the image url, and then click the icon, which will wrap tags around the url
For photos not online
save a copy, keep the file size below 128K
  that should be plenty big
make sure there is some explanatory text in the main window
click the "additional option" link under the text entry window
click the "choose file" button to select your picture from its location on your hard disk
click the "post" button at the bottom
When the post has been accepted, it will display a thumbnail of the image that people will click on to see the full size.

if you need help, just contact me, and I'll try and talk you through the process.  I know a lot of people don't feel comfortable with these message boards, but I think people will really enjoy this once you take the trouble to post your pix.

Geoff Gould:
This last May, Grace's boyfriend (now fiancee) took this shot of us in the crowded courtyard at the SFSU graduation for the Apparel Marketing and Design dept. Sonja (23) is in the center, with our son Jesse (30) and daughter Grace (25) with Martha and me.

Geoff Gould:
Bill and Mary at their house in Princeville, HI

I hope this is small enough.  Best thing about getting old is having grandchildren.  Here is Gramma Judy (Twitchel) with oldest grandson.

So here are both grandchildren getting ready to go clam digging with Jim & I.  June, 2008


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