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I am working on the memorial table and need some help from classmates.  Several classmates were listed as deceased on the master list and we really didnt have any information how they got there so I decided to take on the task of verifying their status.  It has been a benifit to 2 on the list since they were found very much alive.  I was glad to have found them.  I have verified all but 4 and this is where you come in.

I need any information you can give me on these people.  Correct name including their last known married name and their husbands first name, middle name, parents name, date of birth, sisters or brothers names, childrens names. Or anyone who might have grown up in the same neighborhood who might have this information.  Here is who i need info for

1.  Jared Eugene Crosby
2.  Lucy Anne VanVliet  --- married name possibly Young
3.  Larry Earl Moore
4.  Robert Fallstad    possible middle name Stephen

Please email me at if you have any info

many hands make light work and my old eyes are fuzzy . thanks so much for the help

Debbie M-E


I drove up to SF the other day to the department of public health.  I did this to verify a classmate who was reported deceased.  He was last known to have worked in SF.  The human resources department of public health agreed to show me Robert Fallstads work id which had a picture on it.  Im sorry to say I do believe that was Robert and he is now verified deceased..



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