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Geoff Gould:
just getting going here.  Sorry to make you wait for approval; I thought the board would send me an email!

Thanks Geoff. Is it going to alert you now?

Geoff Gould:

--- Quote from: nancyjo on April 25, 2008, 04:24:19 AM ---Thanks Geoff. Is it going to alert you now?

--- End quote ---
no, at this point, you are free to post.  You don't me to approve your freedom of speech.  Because of all the spam robots on the net, I've had to restrict who (or what!) is allowed to join the board.  It's best if people send me an email when they've signed up.  It's also good if they've filled out the profile info so I can obviously see it's a real person, and not some potential spambot!

On a more LHS68 note, the online directory is really coming together, and I hope everyone will start bugging their freinds to join in and update the rest of us with current photos, and brief descriptions of what they're up to since 1968!


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