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Where are you staying?/got a cell phone?

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Geoff Gould:
Please let us know what hotel you're staying in if you're coming from out of town.  Martha and I will be staying at the Travelodge Santa Cruz, 525 Ocean Street. 

Go to if you're looking for places to stay.  Make a post in this topic for other ideas.  People should be nailing this down.  Rooms will start drying up fast.

Charlotte & I are staying at Cupertino Inn (10889 N De Anza Blvd) Friday
and the Super 8 (338 Riverside Ave) Saturday.

I finally got my booking done. I am staying at the Bay Front Inn Saturday night. I will be flying into San Jose Saturday morning, arriving around 10:30am and getting a rental car. Going back to San Jose Sunday evening to stay someplace at the airport (not yet booked) before flying out early Monday morning. I am open to negotiating shared accommodations and travel, if anyone wants to and is still making plans.  If so, it may be easier to call me. 717 627 0435. I haven't been to any other reunions so this should be interesting and fun.   :)
Karen Hildestad Zipser

Geoff Gould:
we just sent out a newsletter with several classmate's cell phone numbers, so we can hook up with each other.  Some of you may want to volunteer such info here.  I know a lot of people are trying to find each other.  I think it's pretty easy after the weekend to nuke any post you don't want hanging around forever!

If you're not able to come, leave a post here to let someone know you're looking for them. 

Don't forget to go over the the online directory at to see if your friends have posted an email address.  If you want to post one, email me.  We can give you a email address to protect your privacy.

Hope to see you there this weekend!

Made my Sunday night reservation at the Holiday Inn Silicon Valley. Flight goes 6:40am Monday morning, so I'll be up early.  Cell phone 717 203 5340
Karen Hildestad Zipser


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