Family Day/Jam, August 10, 2003 at Lynbrook High
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Bruton_Mike Coombs_Shirley DennisE+Howard DennisE_music Duke_Dellene
Mike Bruton Shirley Coombs, husband Denny Erokan, Howard Webber Dennis Erokan Dellene Duke
Forsythe_Bob Geoff_Sue_Howie Geoff_music Herman_Larry Howard_music
Bob Forsythe Geoff Gould, Sue Lawler,Howard Webber Geoff Gould Larry Herman Howard Webber, bro Pat
HowieGeoff1968 JanetAchorJayFrench Janet_Pam_Laura JanisJeanneValLauraLinda Jasper_Wayne
Howard Webber, Geoff Gould Janet Achor, Jay French Janet Achor, Pam Lapworth, Laura Downing Janis S., Jeanne Spencer, Valerie Maki,Laura D., Linda Smith Wayne Jasper

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