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Classmates, the letter "B"

First Name Last Name status
Judy Balcom Simoes  
Judy Balcom Current photo Resides in Brazil.
Maria Luisa Baldonado Ham  
Luisa Baldonado

Deceased (11/3/1950 - 10/26/2009)

Feel free to offer a memory of our departed classmate.


Debbie Rae Bangen Powell  
Debbie Bangen
Current photo Morgan Hill , CA. A maybe for the 40th.
Linda Banks Wickman  
Linda Banks
Current photo Found 2012
Joanne Barnes  
Joanne Barnes

Deceased (11/18/1949 - 10/24/2008)

Feel free to offer a memory of our departed classmate.

Dennis Barrett  
Dennis Barrett
Current photo Loomis, CA. Will not be attending.
Frank Bauer  
  Current photo Austin, TX . Not attending.
Clifford R. Baughn  
Clifford Baughn
Current photo Milpitas, CA. Not attending.
Sandra Diane Bean Pennington  
Sandra Bean

Deceased (10/07).

Sandy Bean was a very sweet and quiet girl in High School. She always got good grades and was a good friend. She had great listening skills too! I used to tell her she was a distant cousin of mine, since my grandmother's maiden name was Bean. - Anne Dunton Peschke (6/13/08)


Rod Beavers  
Rod Beavers
Current photo Lincoln, CA
Mary Teresa Becker Frykland  
Tesa Becker
Current photo Troutdale, OR. A maybe for the 40th.
Beverly Beckerdite Dracos  
Beverly Beckerdite
Current photo Houston, TX. A maybe for the 40th.
Susan A Beggs Detro  
Susan Beggs
Current photo Los Altos, CA. Planning on attending the 40th.
Kerry Belshaw Garcia  
Kerry Belshaw
Current photo MT. View , CA. Planning on attending the 40th..
John Benish  
John Benish
Current photo Buffalo, NY. Will not be attending.
Stephen Bennett  
Stephen Bennett
Current photo Found on facebook!
Daniel Lee Bensing  
Daniel Bensing
Current photo San Jose, CA. A maybe for the 40th..
Charleen Bernardi Brookshire  
Charlene Bernardi
Current photo Cordele, GA. Contacted.
Kathy Bernardi Ditto  
Kathy Bernardi
Current photo Capitola, CA. A maybe for the 40th.
Bob Billings  
Bob Billings


Obituary from 12/13/15 San Jose Mercury
Robert Calvin Billings
November 14, 1950 ~ December 1, 2015
Resident of San Jose
Bob passed away unexpectedly at home on December 1st. He graduated from Lynbrook H.S. in 1968, where he excelled in sports, including gymnastics and swim team. He married his high school sweetheart, Dorothy Wood, and they relocated to Charlotte, N.C. where daughter Judy Anne was born (who remained the joy of his life ever after). In 1970, he joined the U.S. Air Force and served in combat in Viet-Nam. When he returned stateside, he followed his passion for flying, obtaining a private pilot, commercial pilot, and flight instructor's licenses. He worked in the transportation industry for many years, and eventually returned to California to obtain a B.S. in Business Management from Humboldt State University. He then worked as the media and technical advisor for years for a renowned motivational speaker. Approaching retirement age, Bob loved to read, cook, and discovered an exceptional talent for oil painting. He was preceded in death by his beloved mother Anne and is survived by his father Robert Billings, sister Linda Billings, brother Brian Billings, daughter Judy Anne Payne, and grandsons Julian Billings and Colin Strivelli. A memorial mass is planned at Church of the Ascension in Saratoga TBA. Please call them for date and time 725-3939

Nancy Blackham Butler  
Nancy Blackham Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Gordon Blais  
Gordon Blais
Current photo Contacted. Will not be attending the 40th.
Alan Blane  
Alan Blaine
Current photo Petaluma, CA
Mary Boettcher  
Mary Boettcher
Current photo

El Cerrito, CA

"Bi-lingual elementary teacher, married, 1 daughter-19 and in college in Mass, 1 dog, I like to travel, alumni of UC Davis '82, art and Spanish double major, lived in Spain and Mexico. And I look JUST like I did in high school! Amazing!" (1/7/09)

Bettina Borer  
Bettina Borer
Current photo Mt. View, CA. Will not be attending.
Leslie Michaelene Borst Carter  
Leslie Borst
Current photo

Saratoga, CA. A maybe for the 40th.

(married to Vini Carter)

Steven Bosworth  
Current photo

Deceased (3/10/1950 - 11/24/1991)

Feel free to offer a memory of our departed classmate.

Sandra K. Bradley Gilliland  
Sandra Bradley
Current photo Bend, OR
Dallas Brake  
Dallas Brake

Deceased (1/1998)

Feel free to offer a memory of our departed classmate.

Marilyn Jean Breech  
Marilyn Breech
Current photo Taos, NM
Tara Brennan Markin  
Tara Brennan
Current photo S. Lake Tahoe, CA. (House burned down in Tahoe fire) Will not be attending.
Marion Alyce Brewer  
Marion Brewer
Current photo Denver, CO. Confirmed for the reunion.
Mel H. Brewster  
Mel Brewster
Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Jerry M. Brodie  
Jerry Brodie
Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Jim Brondyke  
Jim Brondyke

Deceased. (2/1988)

I used to hang with Jim and Bob Forsythe before I moved to Phoenix in Dec. '68.  Ran into Jim in 1971 at a 7/11.  I had just returned from Vietnam and turned out that Jim had joined the Marine Corp and also spent a year in Vietnam.- Bob Huelman (4/28/08)


Martha Lee Brown Gould  
Martha Brown
Martha Brown

San Francisco, CA. 40th reunion planner. Confirmed for the reunion.

After college (Cal Poly SLO and UC Berkeley), I joined the Peace Corps, and lived 2 years in the Congo, Africa teaching math and science. I didn't "save the world," but it was a life-changing experience. I married Geoff Gould in 1975, and we have 3 adult children - Jesse, Grace, and Sonja. I've mainly worked as a high school math teacher for about 20 years, but ready to retire and ... I enjoy playing piano, sewing/quilting, and traveling.


Carolyn L. Brown Orona  
Carolyn Brown
Current photo Delhi, CA. Confirmed for the reunion.
Steven Bruton  
Steven Bruton
Current photo Clovis, CA. A maybe for the reunion.
Constance Buikema Bailey  
Constance Buikema
Current photo Grass Valley, CA. Will not be attending.
Earl Burke  
Earl Burke
Current photo N. Bend OR. Contacted
Dave Burley  
David Burley
Current photo Kneeland, CA. Won't be attending.
Raellen Burnett  
Raellen Burnett

Current photo

Idaho. Will not be attending.
Mike Andrew Burns  
Mike Burns
Current photo La Mesa, CA. Planning on attending the 40th.
Robert Burns  
Robert Burns
Current photo Salt Lake City, UT. Planning on attending the 40th.
Jan P. Burton Roechel
Jan Burton
Current photo San Jose, CA. Contacted by email.
John E. Busby  
John Busby
Current photo Rifle, CO. Will not be attending.
Janet L. Buttcane Cox  
Janet Buttcane
Current photo Visalia, CA. A maybe for the 40th.
William Butter  
William Butter

Deceased (4/1981)

Bill and his older brother Nick were good friends of mine the last couple years of high school, and the summer before I left for college. We lost touch, and am sorry to regain contact with the news of his passing. I knew he had health issues during high school, and it's good to know he accomplished so much in his short life. -- Geoff Gould (4/28/08)

Bill died after a life long battle with liver disease. At that time liver transplants weren't available as they are today. He was born in Terre Haute, Indiana and until his death was a senior examiner for the Indiana State Board of Accounts. He graduated from Indiana State University in 1972 and received his masters degree in 1979 from Indiana University. He was certified as a public accountant. -- Karen, Bill's sister (6/12/08)

Chuck S. Butterfield  
Chuck Butterfield
Current photo San Jose, CA
John Byer  
John Byer Current photo Grants Pass, OR. Will not be attending.