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First Name Last Name status
Lee Neal  
Lee Neal Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Gary W. Negrey  
Gary Negrey

Deceased. (2/2005)

Feel free to offer a memory of our departed classmate.

Vallerie Susan Negus Robinson  
Vallerie Negus Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
John G. Nelson  
John Nelson Current photo

Lost. Send us a clue.

Wow, can it really be 482 months since we all graduated Lynbrook in 1968?  That was when we were a varied collection of smarmy WASP students imitating Asians in the Teahouse of the August Moon.  Two years ago I noticed the student body at LHS was prominently Asian and a select Company of them were performing Harper Lees’ adapted play of To Kill a Mockingbird.  The 21st Century Vikings just might get it right yet in this new age of diversity. My wife, Sonja and I are looking forward to catching up on the last 40 plus years with the Vikings of ’68.” (8/7/08)

Roberta Nelson Tosta  
Roberta Nelson Current photo Elk Grove, CA. A maybe for the 40th.
Sylvia C. Nelson Van Zweeden  
Sylvia Nelson Current photo

San Jose, CA. Confirmed for the reunion .

There's not much new with me. I've been living in the same home for 30 yrs, married to my husband for 22 yrs and had my own tax prep business for 20 yrs. My daughters are grown and have homes within a mile of me. My oldest daughter & her husband own a synthetic lawn company (Heavenly Greens) They have 3 daughters-23,17,16. My youngest daughter is the Dir. of HR for a small int'l electronics company where her husband also works. They have a son,18, and a daughter,14. My only grandson, James, just graduated from Leigh High in June and leaves for the Marines the end of August. (ugh)

All in all though life is good! Looking forward to seeing all of you

Joe H. Nichols  
Joe Nichols Current photo San Luis Obispo, CA. Will not be attending.
Nancy Norman Overmeyer  
Nancy Norman Current photo When I walked on campus for the first time in April 1967, a few people knew me because my dad was Mr. Norman, the English teacher and my brother was Larry Norman, the lead singer of People! Within a short time I found my own niche and have fond memories of my time at Lynbrook.  
The past forty years have been amazing. I married Bob in ’69. We had a few kids who had a few kids and all along the way we had an incredible time. We retired at the turn of the century and enjoy this vita bella.   
(My sister & I have a web business www.pixilatedsisters.com <http://www.pixilatedsisters.com> ) (4/22/08) Confirmed for the reunion .
Tom Neu  
Tom Nue Current photo San Jose, CA.
Christine G. Null McNabb
Chris Null Current photo

Escondido, CA.

Confirmed for the reunion .