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Kathy Ann Race Linton


Kathy Race Current photo

Surprise, AZ

I have stayed in the area all these years, living in Willow Glen for the past 17 years. I have been married twice and have 2 wonderful step-sons (and 2 grandbabies!). After my second divorce many years ago, I decided to concentrate on my career, moving out of high-tech and focusing on marketing and event-planning. Through a series of what turned out to be smart job moves, I ended up in the non-profit sector and have been in fundraising and marketing in that arena for over 15 years. I am very involved in Rotary and will be the President of my Los Gatos Morning Rotary club next year. It is a fabulous world-wide service club in which I am proud to be affiliated. I am active in the community, love to travel & garden, and have recently purchased a home in Arizona near good friends of mine (in an active-adult Del Webb community) in the event I am EVER able to retire! I have a 5 1/2 month old puppy, which I love dearly, and am fortunate to still have my mom, who lives in Sunnyvale. I lost my father about 13 years ago. Life is busy, full of friends & activity…and good. I stay in touch with a few Lynbrook-ites and hope to reconnect with more of you. How can it possibly be 40 years!!!!!! I was voted, along with Glen Wiley, “most talkative” of our senior class…and I think it has held true all these years!!!! ;-)

Mike Rapson  
Mike Rapson Current photo  
Randy R. Reeve  
Randy Reeves Current photo

San Jose, CA.

Confirmed for the reunion.

Patti Reichard McNulty  
Patti Reichard Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Judy A. Reichert Covarrubias  
Judy Reichert

Deceased 10/2004.

Feel free to offer a memory of our departed classmate.

Kathy Reinhard Sauer  
  Current photo Elgin, IL. A maybe for the 40th.
Karl Reimer  
  Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
William Reinhard  
  Current photo Greenwood, IN. A maybe for the 40th.
Floyd Richardson  
Floyd Richardson Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Nancy Jean Rigby Cass  
Nancy Rigby Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Cathy Rink Katkus  
Cathy Rink Current photo

(Updated 10/10/16) Here is some information on me. After high school? I had a number of troubling years. At the age of 19, I got married to my first husband. Big mistake. The only good thing that came out of that marriage was my daughter. We got a divorce when my daughter was just 3 months. After the divorce. I sold jewelry for a woman at craft fairs. Then I started my own jewelry business. I went bust when I attempted to make my business larger. After the jewelry bust I decided I wanted to become a nurse. First I worked as a nursing assistant. Then became an LVN. I really wanted my RN, so I worked full time, and took courses in the evening to get into RN school. In 1994I became an RN, and worked in all area's of the medical field. My last 16 years I worked with the severely mentally ill. I worked as a unit manager, with most of my time as the Assistant director of Nursing. I remarried in 1979 to Randy. We have been married since. Only one daughter, that I had when I was 19. We are very close. Have owned and lived in the same house since 1983. Now enjoying being retired. If you'd like to get in touch, email cathy.rink@lhs68.net

New picture of me and our little chihuahua doggies. Mikey is on the left (male 3 years), Marti on the right ( female 14 years). These doggies are the loves of our lives.

David Rippey  
Dave Rippey Current photo Encinitas, CA. A maybe for the 40th.
Victor G. Rizzo  

Deceased (11/1979)

Vic, Scott Durnford and I were best friends through Kennedy Jr. High and Lynbrook H.S. Vic died an early death from a fast growing cancer, but he still managed to get married and have three beautiful daughters. After H.S. he worked a few years at Pacific Bell in business phone systems engineering. His parents still live "across the court" from my folks in Cupertino on Terrace Drive. We really missed Vic after his untimely passing. - Mark Hensian (6/17/08)


Sandra Lynn Robbins Annison  
Sandra Robbins Current photo

Santa Clara , CA.

Confirmed for the reunion.

Janice Robinson Palmer  
Janice Robinson Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Mike Robert Rogers
Mike Rodgers Current photo  
Tony Roman  
Tony Roman Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Dora Romero Vanwye  
Dora Romeo Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Steven Rooke  
Steven Rooke Current photo San Jose, CA. Will not be attending.
Sharon Rounds Hall  
Sharon Rounds Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Ed Rowan  
Bill Rowan Current photo

Lost. Send us a clue.

Robert Rowe  
Current photo   Lost. Send us a clue.
Joseph Rozum  
Current photo   Lost. Send us a clue.
Natalie Rudnick Boggs  
Natalie Rudnick Current photo

Eugene, OR. Confirmed for the reunion.

Living happily ever after in Eugene, Oregon with Roger my wonderfully fabulous husband of 18 years.  My step-sons have recently returned to the nest.  Dylan, 26, and his wife Tory (along with their dog and 3 cats) are recently out of the Army and now in school; and Drue, 22, and his girlfriend Andrea (along with their dog) are recently out of school and unexpectedly pregnant.  Our first grand-baby is due mid-October.  Fly away little children, fly away!  Did I mention my mother-in-law lives with us, too?  Ah, well, it's all good. (4/19/08)

Kent N. Russell  
Kent Russell Current photo Klamath Falls, OR. A maybe for the 40th.
Patricia Russo  
Current photo   Lost. Send us a clue.
Helen A Rutledge Muzzuco  
Current photo   Lost. Send us a clue.