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Tim Daley
Tim Daley Current photo Sonora, CA.
Franklin Dalgleish  
Current photo

Deceased (7/21/50 to 2/7/11)

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Frederick Dionyses D'Alo
Fred D'Alo

Deceased (d. 1/18/15, Corvallis, OR)

"There is no obituary. This is what Fred's wife (Annette Debellfeuille) posted: Fred did not want a funeral and he did not want a memorial service where everyone is in black and crying. He wants a barbecue, with everyone in bad Hawaiian shirts, telling funny stories about him, in celebration of his life, not his death." - Debbie Evangel (6/5/15)

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Kevin A. Darcy
Kevin Darcy Kevin Darcy Now

Winter Springs, FL

Mark Darcy
Kevin Darcy Kevin Darcy

Deceased (1/10/50 to 2/15/14)

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Duane Davidson
Duane Davidson Current photo

Grass Valley, CA.

After graduating from Lynbrook, I attended Biola University, majoring in education with a minor in math. I spent a year as an intern working with college-age students at Calvary Bible Church in Los Gatos, then headed for Dallas for 4 years to get my ThM (Master of Theology).  I had gotten interested in construction during those years, and was invited to work for a firm in Santa Cruz where I stayed for 18 years, leaving there in 1996 to move to Nevada City, CA to be closer to family.  I joined a small firm doing Construction Management. I’m now the Vice President of TRI-B Inc. and Judy, my wife of 28 years, is our Administrative Assistant.  We both work from our home office, and we’ve got offices in Truckee and Sonoma.  I took up skiing again when we moved up here from Santa Cruz, and we’re both active in our local church and still following Jesus and loving every minute of it. We have 3 kids: Christy (whom I adopted) who is married and has 5 kids (4 adopted); Katey, who works for an Architectural firm in San Diego; and Ben, who’s married and has a 15 month old son and works for my brother in his Grass Valley pest control business. (7/2/08)

Cary E. Davis
Cary Davis

Deceased (3/11/50 - 9/3/08)

memory/photo from Judy (Twitchel) Cumming:
Cary worked with my husband and I at a restaurant in Mountain View in 1969.  He kept in touch with us after we moved to Hawaii.  The last time we heard from him he had become involved in the Big Brother program.  We knew him as a hard worker with a good sense of humor.  This photo was taken July 1969.  One year before Jim and I were married. (left to right: Cary Davis, Tammy Shepard, Judy (Twitchel) Cumming, Jim Cumming).

memory from Steve Ichinaga (3.1.18):
Cary Davis was one of my best friends in the early 60's. I remember asking my parents for a bike for Christmas, so that I could go visit him, I used to walk. We were in the same Boy Scout Troop 489 at Lincoln Elementary. I was shocked to see that it is still there. As got older, we lost touch even though we moved closer to him and I didn't need a bike to visit. I have many wonderful memories of him.

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Jerry Davis
Jerry Davis Current photo

Santa Cruz, CA Confirmed for 50th

Mike Davis
Mike Davis


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Janice Davis Gagne
Janice Davis Current photo Mission Viejo, CA
Della Debbas Garrett
Della Debbas Current photo Horseshoe Bay, TX. Trying to attend the 40th.
Bruce DeBoer
Bruce DeBoer Current photo Saratoga, CA.
Dave DeConti
Dave DeConti Current photo Ft. Bragg, CA.
Dave DeMontigny
Dave DeMontigny Current photo Washington state
Anna DeRita Drury
Anna DeRita Current photo

Red Bluff, CA. Confirmed for 50th

Susan Lynn Dexter
Susan Dexter Current photo No Further Contact Please
Rebecca Diaz
Rebecca Diaz Current photo San Jose, CA
Dale Dickert
Dale Dickert

Deceased (8/6/50 to 10/4/15)

John Welch sent a note in April '17 :

Dale passed in Oregon in October 2015. We buried him with his sister Betsy and his parents last May in Grass Valley. Beautiful day, simple ceremony with stories with family and a few close friends.

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Patti DiGiovanni Nupen
Patty DiGiovanni Current photo Mansfield, OH.
Michelle DiTore Mancuso
Michelle DiTore Current photo

Cassel, CA.

(married to Bill Mancuso)

Debbie Dodge Utt
Debbie Dodge Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Mary Kathleen Donahue
Mary Donahue Current photo

Campbell, CA.

Currently teaching at De Anza College (since 1988), in Physical Education including teaching adults who are afraid of the water how to swim, https://marydonahue.org/letters-from-novice-students and in Biological and Health Sciences (Red Cross first aid certifications). I’ve been a member of the De Anza College Academic Senate for ten years, as well as the Faculty Assn (Union) rep to the 2 divisions I teach in. After Lynbrook, attended De Anza and San Jose State. At De Anza, on the campus newspaper, I met, dated, broke up with and eventually (after ten years of going steady) stayed married (41 years) to Alan Ahlstrand (Cupertino, '65), https://marydonahue.org/just-another-day-at-the-home-office We bought the ultimate fixer-upper https://marydonahue.org/ultimate-fixer-upper. I am still a lifeguard instructor and lifeguard instructor trainer. I've been a lifeguard, lifeguard captain or in charge of the swim at 53 triathlons or open water swims. To truly doubt my sanity, check out volunteer work as Senior Faculty Advisor to the De Anza College Outdoor Club https://marydonahue.org/camping-blunders . Alan and I are currently volunteers with the Cupertino Community Emergency Response Team and Cupertino Medical Reserve Corps, as well as volunteers on and off in Yosemite National Park with Preventative Search and Rescue. Neither Alan nor I intend to fully retire. (Mary Donahue, as of 2/13/23) 

Robert S. Doody
Robert Doody Current photo Redwood City, CA
Jean Doverspike
  Current photo Santa Cruz, CA.
Laura F. Downing Mattila
Laura Downing Current photo

Sacramento, CA.

I live in Sacramento, I am an administrative assistant at "Family Law Center."  I got married in 1979 and I am now divorced, I have two beautiful, wonderful daughters, Jessica 27 and Amy 23 I consider myself very lucky to have been able to stay at home with the girls while they were growing up. I went to Foothill and DeAnza off and on in the 70's. In 1970 Janis Schweichardt and I went to Europe together, we went to the "Concert at the Isle of Wight". I went back to Europe with my sister Elaine "class of 69", we hitch-hiked across Europe together for six months. After I got back I moved to Boulder Colorado with Jeanne Spencer for awhile. A lot of good times and great memories. I wish you all the very best. (8/1/08)

Michelle A. Downs Hernandez
Michelle Downs Current photo Modesto, CA.
Randy S. Doyle
Randy Doyle Current photo Portland, OR. .
Gary Drake
Gary Drake Current photo No further contact please
Fred Drumlevitch
Fred Drumlevitch Current photo No further contact please
Robert Dudley
Robert Dudley

Deceased. (9/28/50 to 2/12/02)

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Dellene Virginia Duke Bussey
Dellene Duke Current photo Have been living in Watsonville, CA since 1977; Married to Don Bussey for 37 years. We have 2 adult sons - neither married & no grandkids yet! I retired from hospital nursing in 2012 & spend a few hrs a week as a Parish Nurse for my church. Still like to swim... gave up scuba diving (Don doesn't swim, so I've been in dry dock for a long time - HA) (updated 9.7.15)
Chris J. Dunham
Chris Dunham Current photo Asheville, NC
Ed R. Dunlap
Ed Dunlap

Deceased. (6/6/50 to 9/22/02)

Ed died doing one of the things he loved the most – flying his private plane around the Northwest United States. His accident was tragic for his wife, Lori, and their two children, Kyle and Kelly and those of us who loved him. He had been a pilot for two decades with Northwest and had moved to Medford, Oregon, a few years before his accident. He was a great buddy. Randolph Elder (8/5/08)

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Anne E. Dunton Peschke
Anne Dunton Current photo

Wyle, TX. .

I graduated from UC Davis in 1972 with a degree in Anthropology (surprise!!). Married in 1971 to a...gulp....TEXAN! Moved to Texas in 1973 and have been there ever since. We lived in Friedrichshafen Germany from 1997 to 1999 while my husband worked for joint venture Nortel-Dasa. I have 2 children, Justin and Janna, 4 grandchildren and a 5th due any day as of May 20th. We live in a home on 1.3 acres with our Great Pyrennees, Abby. I now work for a water utility in Wylie and my husband is retired from Nortel. We attend Northplace Assembly of God Church. Great life, great children and even greater, our grandchildren! (4/19/08)

Gerald Scott Durnford scott.durnford@lhs68.net
Scott Durnford Current photo

Union, WA

It has been awhile since Mark Henesian  Victor Rizzo and me hung out.  We have all survived except Victor who left us early at 26. Here is a current picture of me on a trip I did with my wife to Stonehenge.   I am now a business owner with an internet business and a copier and fax sales and service business.  I have been happily married now for 14 years.   I spent 20 years of my life in the United States Navy in Nuclear Submarines as Electrical operator after the service went into business. (6/12/08)

I now am fully retired and live in Union Washington with my wife Lelila  (4/7/23)