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First Name Last Name status
Larry Hadley
Larry Hadley
Current photo Prescott, AZ
Brenda Hall Degarmo
Brenda Hall
Current photo Snellville, GA. Confirmed for 50th
Sally Colleen Halstead Luce
Sally Halstead
Current photo Campbell, CA.
Merry Hampton Davies
Meridith Hampton
Current photo  
Toby Hanefield McKenna
Toby Hanefield

Deceased (10/28/50 to 05/8/11)

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Tom Haney
Tom Haney
Current photo Pittsburg, CA.
Nancy Hardesty Bysheim
Nancy Hardesty
Current photo

Seatac, WA

Happily Living in Seattle for the past 32 years with my two sons and one grandson. Retired from Young Corporation, a heavy equipment manufacturer, in January 2016, where I was their purchasing agent for 28 long years. Once a year, I enjoy traveling to California, Nevada, and Arizona to visit with my siblings, and catch up on everyone's lives. I Enjoy various hobbies and am an avid reader. (updated 7/15/17)

Neil Charles Hario
Chuck Hario
Current photo No further contact please.
Brent Harline  
Brent Harline

Deceased (8/26/50 to 9/08/92)

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Linell Harris Gladhart
Linell Harris
Current photo Bellingham, WA.
Robert P. Hayden
Bob Hayden
Current photo Visalia, CA
Vicky Jo Hazelbaker Russell
Vicky Hazelbaker
Current photo

Pinon, CA.

After two early short marriages, met and married my true love, Scott Russell, in 1981. We have two marvelous grown children (and their wonderful spouses) and three grandchildren. I've had three careers: production control planner, graphic artist, and IT Manager. The last career brought us to Dallas 10 years ago. We now live on 10 acres about 50 miles north of Dallas. Quit the careers in 2004 to take care of my elderly ill father, who lived with us, and went to work at our church because of the flexibility. My father passed Easter of 2007 but I still work at the church! Mostly administrative stuff, but I also occasionally deliver the message (preach), play the piano for church services, weddings, and funerals, and sing in the choir. I don't miss the corporate life (except the money) and don't imagine I'll ever go back to it. (8/9/08) Confirmed for 50th

Debbie Hearrell Sesich
Debbie Hearell Current photo San Francisco, CA.
Carolyn E. Heaton McDonell
Carolyn Heaton
Current photo Cheney, WA.
Sue Monica Helmer Martinez
Monica Helmer Current photo Modesto, CA.
Jacqui Hepburn
Jacqui Hepburn
Current photo Southern CA
Mark Ara Henesian
Mark Henesian
Current photo

Livermore, CA.

We're going to run two cars at Infineon this Memorial Day. I don't even want to think about the gas! My younger son Stevie (also a lead drummer in high school and Chem major at Sonoma State) is going to drive one of our '69 Roadrunners (auto tranny), and I'm going to race the other '69 Roadrunner (4-speed). (4/19/08)

Larry Herman
Larry Herman Current photo No further contact please
David Hewitt
  Current photo David moved here from Canada just after the beginning of 68. He did walk with us at graduation.
Linda Heyne
Linda Heyne
Current photo Ithaca, NY
Patti Higgins
Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Dennis F. Highfill
Dennis Highfill
San Jose, CA.
Karen Hildestad Zisper
Karen Hildestad
Current photo

Mechanicsburg, PA. .

I went to UC Davis right out of high school. Started in Math, changed to Biological Science and graduated with a BS. Got married in 1974, then licensed and certified in Medical Technology and did that for 10 years. Got a second BS in Computer Science in 1989 and have done programming, PC/Macintosh support, and systems support since 1990. A 10-year contract at Hershey ended Sept 2007. I took a few months off, then have been caregiver for my mother the past six months. When Mom dies, I'm sick of computers and will be looking for a new incarnation. Wish I'd been a genetic counselor or scientific researcher. Maybe it's not too late. I've always been a seeker and I'll figure it out. Separated 1995, divorced 1999, still single and enjoying it. Have a 27 year old son who's getting married later this month. I live in the tourist mecca of central Pennsylvania, Lancaster County, where Witness was filmed. I'm on the board of trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Lancaster, where the people are fantastic. Life is good to me. Hope that's true for everyone else. (7/4/08) Confirmed for 50th

Bob Hill
Bob Hill
Current photo Placerville, CA. Confirmed for 50th
Bruce Hill
Bruce Hill
Current photo Aptos, CA.
Susan Diane Hill
Susan Hill
Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Richard C. Hilton
Richard Hilton

Deceased (5/25/19)

From Greg Casaretto: For those unaware, Richard Hilton passed on May 25th according to Rene', Richard's daughter.

From Rene': "I wanted to let you all know that dad passed away quietly in his sleep this morning. He will be greatly missed and we have truly enjoyed spending the last couple of years with him as our "roommate." His wishes were to be cremated and spread in all the places he loved; Santa Cruz, the mountains, sand dunes.... places that were truly dad. We will plan a Celebration of Life soon and would love for everyone to celebrate dad with us. We will keep you all posted."

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Diane Hitchings Rapson McClaughry
Diane Hitchings

Deceased (3/30/50 to 12/29/15)

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Mary Jane Hoffecker Swanson mary.jane.hoffecker@lhs68.net
MaryJane Hoffecker
Current photo

After Lynbrook I graduated from UC Davis with a BS in Consumer Sciences & Nutrition in 1972. In September Ď72 I married fellow Viking Neil Swanson, and 50 years later we are still married. After our 9 week honeymoon in Europe I began working at Sunset Magazine & Books in Menlo Park, where I was a food writer for 17 years. We raised 3 boys (two are married), and later in life I was a real estate agent for many years, until retirement.

We left San Carlos, California in 1987, and have lived in Texas, New York, Florida and Connecticut(25years) before retiring to Mt Pleasant, South Carolina (just outside Charleston) 6 years ago. We are 15 minutes from downtown and 15 minutes from Isle of Palms and Sullivanís Island beaches. We have 3 grandsons in Charlotte and are awaiting our 4th grandchild in Brooklyn. Our unmarried son lives in eastern Washington.

Susan M. Hogan Schafer
Susan Hogan
Current photo Monterey, CA
Jim Holcomb
Jim Holcomb
Current photo

Mechanicsburg, PA.

Now retired from the Army and teaching at the US Army War College and living in Mechanicsburg PA. Married to Kathleen (Humphrey) Holcomb. See Kathleen’s obituary below. (5.26.18)

Joe Hopkins (Koeberle)
Joe hopkins
Current photo

Apache Junction, Az attending 50th

Veteran of Viet Nam, '69-'72 on the USS Kitty Hawk CVA-63. Was married 45 years, Recently divorced. 2 kids and 3 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren. Self employed Gardener-35 years. Sold "THE GRASSCATCHER" business in Feb '07 and retired to Pine Mountain Lake in Groveland, Ca. I love all music (especially Classic Rock), Fishing, Golf, Wine Collecting & Tasting, Hiking in Yosemite, Star Gazing, Reading, Traveling (prefer Europe & Austrailia), scuba diving and snorkeling. Now, an avid bird watcher. Moved to Apache Junction, Az in 2022. Life has been a lot of fun so far. (updated4/18/23)

Leslie Horton
Leslie Horton
Current photo No further contact please
Ron L. Horton
Ron Horton
Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Melinda C. Hubbard Sedlacek
Melinda Hubbard

Deceased (10/6/50 to 12/22/16)

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Bob Huelman
Bob Huelman
Current photo Doin' what I love best, fishing in the high Sierra.  Family moved to Phoenix, AZ in Dec. '67, half way through my senior year.  Had to sell my beloved '51 Chevy Pickup (very traumatic!!!!).  My brother John and I walked into the principal's office at Saguaro H.S. in Scottsdale, AZ, at the same time and dropped out (4 weeks before graduation for me).  About 2 weeks later, I joined the Army.  About 2 days after that, I found out there was a place called Vietnam.  About 9 months later, I was there!!! (1/1 Armored Cavalry).  Got married in 1972 (36 years next Dec.)  Three kids and 2 granddaughters.  Currently working at McCarran Int'l Airport in Las Vegas.  Spent a good portion of the past 40 years perfecting my fly-fishing skills.
Kathe L. Humphrey Holcomb
Kathe Humphrey
Current photo

Deceased (8/17/50 to 8/27/17)

My beautiful and beloved wife, Kathleen (Humphrey) Holcomb passed away last summer. We are both class of 68. I have enclosed her obituary that I wrote and her photo to post on the Memoriam page. Thank you. Jim Holcomb (3/7/18)

Kathleen L. Holcomb (Kathe to her family) passed away quietly Sunday, 27 August 2017 after a courageous six month battle with cancer. Kathleen was born 17 August 1950 in Yokosuka, Japan to a military family. As an Army Brat, she grew up with a wealth of experiences as her family lived at various locations in the United States and overseas including Germany and Panama. Her parents eventually retired in Cupertino, California, where she met her future husband, Jim, as a junior in high school. After Jim's commissioning as an Army officer, their marriage in 1973 began a second life adventure that took them to diverse assignments in Hawaii, Monterey CA, Fort Bragg NC, Germany, England, and Belgium among others. Their last military assignment was at the Army War College at Carlisle Barracks, PA. They retired from the Army in 2002 to set up a new home in Mechanicsburg, PA. In their 44 years of marriage, Kathleen transformed 16 apartments and houses around the world into homes for her family with imagination, immense patience and love.

Kathleen was as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. She had the ability to make everyone she was with feel as if they were most special, whether an Ambassador, a foreign officer, a grocery store clerk, a gate guard, or a caregiver. She always carried candy in case she should come upon an unhappy child. She was extremely spiritual, a quality she attributed to her grandmother, Delia. She loved nature and often commented on God's bounty. She like nothing better than growing from seeds. She also had an incredibly creative imagination that manifested itself in poetry and many forms of arts and crafts.

Kathleen was predeceased by her father, LTC Robert A. Humphrey, USA, Retired. She is survived by her mother, Violet (Pat) Humphrey, her brothers, Scott and Roger Humphrey, and her "baby sister" (as she called her), Lisa Humphrey; her devoted husband, COL James F. Holcomb, USA, Retired, their daughters Lea Leiby and Genevieve Bearss and their granddaughter, Lorelei Bearss.

A Requiem Mass in Latin in her memory is scheduled to take place on Monday, 18 September 2017 at 2:00 PM at Saint Lawrence Chapel on State Street in Harrisburg.

Kathleen was a blessing to all that knew her and is missed terribly. She lived her life with grace, kindness, courage and a deep love for her God, her family, and her country. She will occupy a place in the hearts of many forever.

Cathy Hunt
Cathy Hunt
Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.