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First Name Last Name status
Linda Jean Sadunas  
Linda Sadunas Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Isabel San Cristobal  
Isabel San Cristobal Current photo Exch. Student Chile. Vicki Hazelbaker writes:
She stayed with my family. We lost contact for many years, but sometime in the early 90s she found my family. She, her husband, and 3 children were in Wisconsin for a year while her husband studied some medical techniques there (he is a physician). I went to visit her for a couple of days.I last saw her in maybe 1999 when she was traveling with one of her daughters and they had a layover in Dallas. I was at work and got her message late, so only was able to see her for about 10 minutes.
Unfortunately, I am not very good at writing & keeping in touch. However, this has prompted me to write to her. (4/17/08)
Daphne J. Sande Shoemaker  
Daphne Sande Current photo Tacoma, WA
Suzanne Sanders Snipes  
Suzanne Sanders Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Gary D. Sawyer  
Gary Sawyer Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Barbara Lynn Schaffner Baer  
Barbara Schaffner Current photo Cupertino, CA.
Linda Jo Schisler Frasier  
Linda Schisler Current photo Has been living in Washington, planning on moving to Idaho. (5/3/08)
James Schmidt  
James Schmidt Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
David R. Schneider  
David Schneider Current photo

Coer D'Alene, ID.

(Married to Jeanie Megna)

Dennis Wayne Schneider  
Dennis Schneider Current photo

Cupertino, CA.

Linda A. Schweickert Gregory  
Linda Schweikert Current photo

Reno, NV

(Married to Ron Gregory)

Janis Schweickhardt Schmidt  
Janis Schweickardt Current photo South Jordan, UT.
Kathy Sczepanik  
Kathy Sczepanik Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Mark Sgambati  
Mark Sgambati Current photo

Littleton, CO.

(Married to Debbie Thomas)

Dave Shane  
Dave Shane

Deceased (Colorado Springs CO, 1/2/50 to 10/25/01)

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Ellen Shaw  
Ellen Shaw Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Michelle Joann Sheehan Somers  
Michelle Sheehan

Deceased (9/29/1950-1/7/1997)

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Tamara Sue Sheppard  
Tamara Sheppard Current photo Seattle, WA.
Dennis N. Shour  
Dennis Shour Current photo Coeur D'Alene, ID.
James Siano
James Siano Current photo

Grants Pass, OR.

Renate Siemers  
Renate Siemers Current photo Kiel, Germany
David B. Silva  
David Silva

Deceased (7/11/1950 - 3/13/2013)

One of several memories from the field of writing, in which David was an accomplished author

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Marilyn H. Silva  
Marilyn Silva Current photo Davis, CA.
John Kenyon Silvey  
John Silvey

Deceased (5/4/1950-4/23/1968)

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Bruce Simons  
Bruce Simons Current photo Eugene, OR.
Peggy Simpson Sullivan  
Peggy Simpson Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Steven Bradford Sizelove  
Steve Sizelove

Deceased (3/30/1950-8/27/09)

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San Jose Mercury Obituary

Art Smith  
Art Smith Current photo

Scotts Valley, CA.

Retired Fire Captain from Cal Fire where I enjoyed 35+ years. Living in Scotts Valley for the past 20 years. My wife Pam and I are proud parents of two great sons who have graduated college and on great paths of their own. Pam and I love to travel, the most recent was to Australia and New Zealand. Still get together often with “the old gang” (Frenchie, Phil, Jerry, brother Rob, Rich, Jack, John, and others). Enjoy community service with the Scotts Valley Lion’s Club and being a Director on the Scotts Valley Fire Board. (7/30/08)

Christine Smith Stacker  
Christine Smith Christie Smith

[note: yearbook picture is from 1967 yearbook]

I was at Lynbrook for my sophomore and junior years but went to two other high schools my senior year.  The fall term I went to Homestead, and then moved to the Sierras and went to Summerville.  There I was queen of the prom, and graduated with my class of about 80 seniors.  I came back to Santa Clara Valley where I was a legal clerk for many years.  I met my lovely husband Paul Stacker, we married (1976), and I joined him in the world of computers.  I have been a programmer ever since.  We now live in Eugene, OR, with our daughter, Deanna (21), and Paul’s mother (91).  Deanna is going to Oregon State to study Radiation Health Physics on her path to becoming a Radiologist. (7/2/08)

Kathy Marie Smith Holcomb
Kathy Smith Current photo

Paris, VA.

Married to Robert C. Holcomb in June 1973. I have two children; Robert C, Jr, age 33; Rebecca Marie, age 29.  Both are married to two wonderful people!. We have two grandchildren:  David, 3; Grayson 1 1/2, and another on the way!  I teach biology. (5/29/08)

Linda Smith Pyers  
Linda Smith Current photo

Lakeport, CA. attending 50th

I like to start my day with prayer and reading Godís Word, then itís off to the gym or a walk. I prefer summer time here in Lakeport, and all the lake activities. Been here since 2004, after 54 years in SCCo, where my husband and I worked and raised my son and his four. I spent 32 years at Pac Bell before retiring. The kids are raising their families and my husband passed after a 34-year marriage. I fill my time with volunteering, club meetings, and crafting, but invite me to a tea party, and Iím there. Most of all, I like being in my wood shop making things to enter in the County Fair. I really enjoy living in small-town California where the pace is much like Saratoga Ė back when. (updated 7/16/17)

Robert Snyder  
Robert Snyder Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Barbara Jean Soukup Ellis  
Barbara Soukup Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Pat G. Spencer  
Pat Spencer Current photo Sunnyvale, CA.
Jeanne Spencer  
Jeanne Spencer Current photo

San Jose, CA.

Rebecca Spencer Kelleher  
  Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Mike Sperou  
Mike Sperou Current photo

Happy Valley, OR.

1968 was one of the most wonderful years of my life. After graduation, went to Vietnam as a combat soldier (12/68-12/69) and was wounded in action. Came back to the states and flipped out (major PTSD), lived in Big Sur AWOL for nine months. Went to Portland, Oregon; got saved; went back to the army and was honorably discharged. Went to school for eight years, and have been a pastor of an innovative Independent Bible church for 25 years. My wonderful wife's name is Judy. Here's our church website for North Clackamas Bible Community, Portland, Oregon. (7/26/08)

Ron Spilker  
Ron Spilker Current photo

"Closing in on 30 years with DoD. In Tel Aviv since July '07." (4/28/08)

[note: no yearbook photo, so scan of Ron in play from yearbook instead!]

Craig Spingath  
Craig Spingath Current photo Lynwood, WA.
After graduating, I was in the Navy for 7 years active duty on the USS Coral Sea (aircraft carrier). In 1973 Ann Tolleshaug and I were married (35 years this year). I graduated from college in 1981. We have 3 sons, all married now (but no grandchildren) and we love our daughters-in-law! I spent 19 years in the Navy reserve, retiring after a total of 26 years in 2001.  I spent those years flying as an inflight technician on P-3 anti-submarine patrol aircraft.
In 1986 I received a second degree in Information Technology and I have been working in Information Technology since then, as a network administrator since 1998. I am currently the Service Desk Supervisor at Swedish Medical Center, supervising (9) analysts.  We are an excellent customer support team. Ann and I are also associate pastors at the church we attend and have been in church leadership since 1995. (4/11/08)
Karyl A. Stalteri  
Karyl Stalteri Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Laurie Ann Stapleton  
Lauie Stapleton Current photo Cupertino, CA.
Charlotte Stenback Brunetta  
Charlotte Stenback Current photo

Santa Rosa, CA.

Dennis C. Stock  
Dennis Stock Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Doug Stone  
Doug Stone Current photo

Placerville, CA. Contacted.

(Married to Kathy Giusso)

Peggy Stuart  
Peggy Stuart Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Terry J. Sullivan  
Terry Sullivan Current photo Eugene, OR.
Alan Sunderland  
Alan Sunderland Current photo Anderson, CA.
Neil J. Swanson  
Neil Swanson Current photo

New Canaan, CT. (Married to MaryJane Hoffecker)

Patty Lee Swart Barnes  
Pat Swart Current photo

Deceased (5/31/1950 - 4/21/2009)

Online Obituary

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