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John Jackson
Theresa Janovich
Current photo
After graduation from Lynbrook, I attended UCSC for two years, transferred and received my B.S. in chemistry at UCLA. This was followed by graduate work stateside and in Israel, then work for a Silicon Valley biotech company. Later, medical school at George Washington University led to an internal medicine residency at UCLA. I received board certification and became a fellow of the American College of Physicians. Towards the end of 2006 a switch occurred, from private practice with its emphasis on diagnosis and management of disease to consultation for natural healing and prevention. Avocations include aviation, family history, jogging and travel. My wife Annette and I reside in Santa Cruz, California. Our two daughters live in the Bay Area, one a videographer and documentary filmmaker, the other a violinist for San Francisco Ballet and Santa Fe Opera. (1/18)
Theresa H. Janovich Smith
Theresa Janovich Current photo Cottonwood, CA.
Paula J. Jarisch
Paula Jarish Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
William Jarrett
Bill Jarrett

Deceased (6/10/17)

It is with regret that I share the news of the passing of our classmate and my good friend, bridge player and golfing buddy, Bill Jarrett in Rocklin, CA. I saw him a couple of weeks before he passed and it was nice to have a chance to say goodbye and relive some of our past. - Rob Karr, 6/13/17

Online memorial

Wayne Jasper
Wayne Jasper Current photo

Sunnyvale, CA.

Wayne is semi-retired. He is a Notary Public and volunteers for a number of organizations supporting individuals with special needs.
His wife works as an aide in Special Education at Fremont High School, after 12 years at Lynbrook. He has two sons, a daughter, and 2 grandsons. (5.7.18) Confirmed for 50th

Darlene Beatrice Jewell Faile
Darlene Jewell

Deceased (12/24/1948-11/30/2015)

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Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson Current photo

Ogden, UT.

I live in Ogden, Utah with my beautiful wife Karen and our cat Patches. For the past twenty years I have worked in the door and window industry. (10/14/08) Confirmed for 50th

Marianne Johnson Bergman
Marianne Johnson Current photo San Jose, CA
Linda Johnson Townzen
Linda Johnson Current photo

Campbell, CA Confirmed for 50th

James A. Johnston
James Johnston Current photo San Jose, CA Confirmed for 50th
Sheryl Johnston Murray
Sheryl Johnston Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Brenda Jolitz Walker
Brenda Jolitz Current photo Pine Grove, CA.
David Cromer Jolley
Dave Jolley

Deceased (7/19/1950-8/4/1966)

Sent to us from Marion Brewer on 6.1.18:
I fished out a couple of my yearbooks and found a draft of a letter I sent to Dave Jolley's Mother in August of 1966 after he was killed in an accident in front of the school. Here's a bit of that letter if you think it would be appropriate as a memorial for him:

Dear Mrs. Jolley, Though I hadn't known your son for a long time, I knew him well enough to respect and admire him. I feel that a person is a product of his environment and the way he develops is a result of his parents' attitudes towards work, love, and life. I hope that if I am ever a mother I will be able to raise a son as fine as yours. It was always a pleasure to be around Dave because he was so happy and active. Dave was always fun and helped to make things like the L.S.F. Spring Honor Trip to San Francisco and the Sports Awards Banquets more enjoyable. Dave kept fabulous grades, participated on a team every season, and served the school in many clubs while working in his spare time. He was so well liked because he was one of the few I know who never said anything against anyone. I only wish there were more people like Dave around: people who are smart, honest, hard-working and liked by everyone because they are such fine people. Dave will be well missed because he was so well loved.

Sent to us from June (Jozefowicz) Sheldon on 6.16.18

I remember Dave as he sat behind me in home room. Dave was shy and reticent, but one could tell that he was very kind in the way he acted. One morning he did not show up. Later, I found out that he past away in a motor cycle accident. His death taught me a very important lesson. Life is fragile, any of us could go at any minute - so I try to make the best of each day.

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June L. Jozefowicz Sheldon
June Jozefowicz Current photo Soquel, CA.