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Daniel Christopher Maddern
Dan Maddern

Deceased (11/16/1950-4/14/1993)

Online memorial

Dan was one of my best friends in high school. To this day I think of him when I take the backroad (Hiway 9) to Santa Cruz. Dan, Guy Dudley and I traveled that road many times in his red bug (which he never forgave Guy for putting a dent in whilst doing wheelies on Guy's Dad's riding lawnmower), listening to Cream's "Disraeli Gears". I reconnected with Dan- tracked him down in SLC living with his wife and kids. I thought I had him tallked in to coming to the 25th reunion. He had a heart attack before he could do that. Congenital heart murmur, apparently. He was nutty, a blindingly quick wit, always funny (even the inveterate puns), and I miss him. - Rob Karr (4/10/08)

Dan was fearlessly hilarious. I had PE with him a few times, and he was always getting in trouble for his antics, one way or another. The all-time classic was when the PE teacher forgot to bring out his whistle to the track field, and told Dan to run back to the locker room to get it for him. It was definitely a punitive task: we were all always grossed out that that coach always stuffed the necklace of his whistle down into his gym shorts and left the whistle dangling down in front of his crotch, instead of wearing it around his neck like a normal human. So Dan takes off to get the whistle, and runs back after a short time… but no whistle in sight! Coach yells “Maddern, where is my whistle?!!!” Dan grabs open the front of his gym shorts, and yanks the whistle out from down in his jock strap. Mayhem ensues, and Dan is sent off to do laps for the rest of the period.
John Miller (6/22/23)

Robert Manny Mahon  
Manny Mahon Current photo San Jose, CA.
Sue Maiers Elliott  
Sue Maiers Current photo Arizona
Valerie Maki McIninch
Valerie Maki Current photo

San Jose, CA

Bill Mancuso  
Bill Mancuso Current photo

Cassel, CA.

(Married to Michelle DiTore)

Laura M Manning Wood  
Laura-Madalay Manning Current photo Longwood, FL
Kathy Marks  
Kathy Marks Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Helen Marquez Martinez  
Helen Marquez Current photo Santa Clara, CA
Bill Marsella
Bill Marsella Current photo

Plymonth, MN.

My high school sweetheart (Cathy Mailhot LHS class of 69) and I have been happily married for 36 years here in Minnesota.  We have 5 adult children 6 grandchildren and 2 more on the way! I've had 2 careers since graduating from the University of MN with an MSW in 77. I spent 30 years in the U.S. Army Reserve (Medical Service Corps) and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2005.  My civilian career has been in fundraising within the non-profit sector with 28 years at the United Way here in the twin cities and most recently as V.P. of Development for Catholic Charities in the twin cities. I am presently in career transition. Cathy has maintained a home daycare business for 25 years. I'd send in a picture but since I've literally not changed in 40 years (...smile) thought better of it.   (7/23/08)
Gregory Lawrence Marshall  
Greg Marshall

Deceased (8/23/1950-10/18/2007)

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Bruce Martin  
Bruce Martin Current photo

Hollister, CA

Fred Martinez  
Fred Martinez Current photo

San Jose, CA

Jeri Kristine Maston Haggard  
Jeri Maston Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Steven Maxwell  
Steven Maxwell Current photo No Further Contact Please.
Kathryn Hughes May  
Kathryn May Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Tim Mayclin  
Tim Mayclin Current photo

Ceres, CA.

My wife and I live in our house in Ceres, CA. I am A Viet Nam Vet and I am generally very busy. I will give you more History later. --Tim Mayclin aka Hatchett Mac (updated 8/10/17)

Virginia Marie Mayer  
Virginia-Marie Mayer Current photo Newark, CA.
Elaine Mazur Baldwin
Elaine Mazur Current photo

Ivins, UT

After an early marriage at age 19 (yikes, what was I thinking!), a year in Germany as an army wife supporting my husband through college, working full time and going to SJSU part-time...I finally got a BA degree in Journalism and Advertising from San Diego State.  Of course by then I was divorced and launched into my mid-20's working for ad agencies in Palo Alto and San Francisco.  This was the beginning of the tech boom and what a glorious and memorable time it was!  In the 80's I worked in sales in the printing industry specializing in high tech product manuals.  In 1990 I started my promotional products company (Ad Dimensions) and was a partner in the Original Silicon Valley Map & Calendar, a high tech logo map of the Silicon Valley.  Whenever possible, I traveled: U.S., Hong Kong & mainland China, Greece, Italy, Canada, Caribbean. After 25 years, I decided to give marriage another try.  I met a wonderful man with traditional values who wouldn't even consider living together without being married, so we did in 2000.  Since he's the manager of GM's Grand Am racing/powertrain division, he does most of the traveling now. Soon we hope to find that retirement utopia somewhere away from the maddening crowds of Silicon Valley. Any suggestions? (8/1/08)

In 2020 we made our vacation home in Ivins, UT our permanent retirement destination. The Red Mountains and surrounding area of southwest Utah were just too beautiful to resist, and Kayenta Village and artists community (where we live) is a truly exceptional place. My hobbies include alcohol ink, acrylic flow and watercolor painting. We support the local animal shelters and are busy with positions on our homeowner's association board. Love the life here where hiking, biking and meeting wonderful people happen every day. Cheers to all!(2/8/2023)

Mike McAuliffe  
Mike McAuliffe

Current photo

San Jose, CA.
George David McCarroll  
George-David Carroll

Deceased (3/4/50 - 5/25/12)

"I'll never forget the day that Dave ('Tex') walked onto the football field at Lynbrook to join the rest of the team.  Here was skinny, nerdy looking guy with a texas drawl that all of us found amusing at first...until we saw him hit someone.  He was someone you never thought would be a good Linebacker, but played football with a toughness and ferocity that none of us could match.  Rest in peace...'tex'."
-- Bill Marsella (4/13)

Obituary (obit copy)

Patrice L. McCloskey  
Patrice McCloskey Current photo No Further Contact Please.
Cathy McCloskey Meynig  
Cathy McCloskey Current photo

Placerville, CA.

(Married to Mike Meynig)

John M. McCoy  
John McCoy Current photo Beaverton, OR.
Patti McFaddin Van Norman  
Patti McFaddin Current photo

Grass Valley, CA

Lost contact. Send us a clue.

George W. McFetridge  
George McFetridge Current photo

Lake Forest, CA.

My wife Bette and I live in Irvine where I work as a Deputy District Attorney for Orange County. I'll be the old guy with gray hair- no, wait, that could be anyone of us (except for the bald guys)! (7/29/08) Confirmed for 50th

Mike V. McGee  
Michael McGee Current photo Craig, CO Confirmed for 50th
Donn Warren McHargue  
Donn McHargue

Deceased (5/22/1950-11/14/1993)

Online memorial

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Wendy McIntyre Belew  
Wendy McIntyre Current photo

Coupeville, WA

Michael George McKittrick  
Mike MeKittrick

Deceased (2/23/1950-9/29/2006)

Online Obituary

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Bert McMahon
Bert McMahon Current photo Cupertino, CA.
Kathleen Marie McMahon Smallshire
Kathy McMahon Current photo I worked for the City of San Jose for 37 years, part-time, then full-time. I have a son and a daughter, and three beautiful granddaughters (is there any other kind?) and have a grandson on the way. I retired in 2005 and moved to Linden, CA which is a small town east of Stockton. There are lots of orchards and farm land in the area which reminds me of Sunnyvale, Cupertino and West San Jose when I was growing up. (8/1/11)
Tom McMullen
Tom McMullen Current photo

Eugene, OR.

Ronald Dean McNeal
Ron McNeal Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
James M. McVey
Jim McVey Current photo

Boise, ID.

After High School, I started studying Architecture at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, but was threatened by the Draft so I joined the Navy thinking I was safer on a ship than in a jungle. I ended up as a navigator on a nuclear submarine and spent 2 1/2 years of my life under water (still better than a jungle). I was married to a girlfriend from Cal Poly while stationed in Connecticut and did seven patrols out of Holyloch, Scotland and Rota, Spain.

We had our first daughter shortly before returning to San Luis Obispo. At Cal Poly once again, I got my BS in Accounting and through some audit clients ended up in Healthcare Finance after my second daughter was born. I found myself as a CPA who hated income taxation and couldnít get far enough away from it in a local practice. I married Connie (one of my better lifetime decisions) after a divorce.

I worked primarily in Central California hospitals from Tulare to Redding and moved to Truckee so that we could retire near Lake Tahoe. It was nearly a perfect area for fly fishing other than an average of 209 inches of snow per year. My youngest daughter is now a paramedic/fire-fighter rescue lieutenant near Fort Lauderdale. Her sister is a banker on Long Island, married to a nice guy and they have provided us with two grandchildren, Conner (9) and Peyton (5). Being closer to them caused us to move from California to Charleston, SC when I retired seven years ago. The East was not what we expected, so we moved to Boise six years ago. Itís conservative, less populated, beautiful and we love it. (8/2/2017)

Jeanie Megna Schneider
Jeannie Megna Current photo

Coeur D'Alene, ID.

(Married to Dave Schneider)

Joanne Meintel Alridge
Joanne Meintel Current photo

Green Valley, AZ.

Bob Melanson
Bob Melanson Current photo San Diego, CA Coming to Saturday night Boardwalk Hang
Dennis M. Melosi
Dennis Melosi Current photo

Deceased (12/31/49-2/26/18)

Dennis was my best friend in High School. We meet when we were both 15 and sophomores. I helped him get through Algebra and he helped me get through school, period. My Dad told me once, the worst thing about aging is your friends start to pass away. Just another thing Dad was right about and unfortunately it has started with mine. A while back we lost Dave White, another friend who died too early. Dennis, Dave and I could talk about anything. If we hadn't seen each other for awhile we took off right back from where we were the last time--Pat Lyngar(3/4/18)

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Blaine Melville
Blaine Melville Current photo

Deceased (11/27/49-2/6/18)

Online memorial

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Richard Mendez
Richard Mendez Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Antonio Menendez
  Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Diane E. Menta Saiz
Diane Menta Current photo Sunnyvale, CA.
Katy Meyers McCracken
Katy Meyers Current photo

Chico, CA. Confirmed for 50th

Mike D. Meynig
Mike Meynig Current photo

Placerville, CA.

(Married to Cathy McCloskey)

Kathi Mikesell Bills
Kathi Mikesell Current photo Willow Glen, CA
Sue Mikesell Planer
Sue Mikesell Current photo Fremont, CA.
Douglas Brian Miller  
Doug Miller

Deceased (6/21/1950-6/8/1986)

Online Obituary

Doug sat in front of me in homeroom.  He was a quiet guy who hardly spoke and had the biggest smile and cutest dimples I’ve ever seen.  Fifteen years later as I was anticipating our reunion my now hubby and I were looking through the yearbook.  Pete pointed at Doug’s picture and said. “Hey I work with that guy at the Sheriff’s Department”. Doug? That quiet guy a Deputy? We reconnected and he couldn’t have been more suited to the job. He spoke when he needed to and got results. He was a caring and patient man who was ready to help you at a moments notice.  My daughters and I lived on his beat.  He would stop on his break, have coffee or dinner or just drive by and shine his light in the window letting me know he was making sure we were ok.  His smile was comforting. His presence was comforting. He became a good friend and I miss him.  Debbie Morris Evangel (5/20/08)

Miller Point on Lexington Reservoir is named for Doug, who gave his life in the course of his duty as a Santa Clara County Sheriff's Deputy in June of 1986, near Lexington Reservoir. Rob Karr (6/19/08)

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Gary Wayne Miller  
Gary Miller

Deceased (9/12/1950-9/9/2007)

Gary, an intense guy in high school, sat second chair in Rocco Distasio’s concert band with a troup of flutists, including myself and his younger brother, David, behind him and first chair Bettina Borer. I didn’t keep in touch with Bettina or Gary after high school but through Vini and Leslie Borst Carter learned of Gary’s passing and attended his memorial service. He and his brother, David (class of 1969), both left us too soon. (Diane Moritz Johnston, 7/22/17)

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John P. Miller  
John Miller

Current photo

I am a Professor Emeritus (i.e., retired!) of Cell Biology and Neuroscience at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. Before Bozeman, I was a Professor at Berkeley for 15 years, but got fed up with the city life and crowded conditions (I am a hermit at heart!) and decided to move to a university in a much more beautiful, rural setting. So here I am, living happily ever after in Bozeman. We are surrounded by spectacular NATURE, and live less than 2 hours from 2 different entrances to Yellowstone Park. Geoff and Martha visited us in the summer of 2022; maybe they will share some of the great photos they took in Yellowstone!
Although I taught undergrad and grad classes throughout my career, my major activity was doing neurophysiology research, which was great fun: like having a hobby as my job. Plus, I got to do a lot of globe-trotting to scientific meetings in association with my research. I am re-married to a retired school Principal (Sally), and have 2 beautiful daughters by my first marriage. My current profession in retirement is designing, building and playing stringed instruments, including banjos and mandolin family instruments. Check out a few videos of the instruments I posted if you are interested:

Robert Montreuil  
Robert Montreuil Current photo Saratoga, CA.
Donna S. Moon Ben-Barrak  
Donna Moon Current photo

Sebastian, FL.

Married with two daughters Jacque 34 and Jaime 31; four grand-daughters, and two grandsons newborn to 9 1/2 yrs old. I worked in healthcare as a CEO and CFO for over 35 years. Traveled most of the world, and there is no place like home. Family and friends - good relationships are the most important asset one can have in life.  I love my work and helping others as well. (6/18/08)

Mark Mooney  
Mark Mooney Current photo

Gilroy, CA.

Earl Larry Moore  
Larry Moore

Deceased (12/14/1949-7/29/2004)

Online memorial

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Miriam (Mimi) Moral Taylor  
Miriam Moral Current photo

Palm Desert, CA.

I work as a consultant for Arbonne International dealing in skin care products. (7/29/08)

Yolanda Irene Moreno  
Yolanda-Irene Moreno Current photo San Jose, CA.
Ruth M. Mori Kurimoto  
Ruth Mori Current photo San Jose, CA.
Diane L. Moritz Johnston  
Diane Moritz Current photo

Davis, CA. Confirmed for 50th

Robert E Morotti  
Robert Morotti Current photo Findlay, OH
Don E. Morris  
Don Morris Current photo Trinadad CA.
Debbie Morris Evangel
Debbie Morris Current photo

San Jose, CA.

After graduation I worked as a nanny in Fairbanks Alaska. Brrrr, Came home and married a Pan Am pilot. During the 10 years I was married I had 2 daughters and was able to travel and experience the beauty of different countries. After divorce I went to work as a San Jose Police Dispatcher. Being a First Responder was a very rewarding career. I then met and married Pete a Deputy Sheriff (we met at the Donut Wheel, honest). We have been together 38 years. After retirement from the police department I became a Certified Massage Therapist. My chiropractor offered me a job so I did that for a few years and yep I retired again. At 52 I joined a folkloric belly dancing troupe. I dance with Karavansaray Dance Company and we dance at festivals, restaurants and do shows for senior centers. Now that we have a Little Guy Max trailer Iím not sure how much dancing Iíll get in since we plan on traveling a lot more to visit with family and friends. Life is good. (3/19/23)

Mary K. Murphy Parker  
Mary Murphy Current photo S. Lake Tahoe, CA.
Mark W. Murray  
Mark Murray Current photo

Bend, OR.

7 interrupted years to get through college; during that time I married Carol Bertossa (class of '71); 5 years as a ski bum in Tahoe; turned respectable(?) after the first child and went to work for Lockheed for 10 years working both technical and business operations jobs; Carol and I had child number 2 during this period while living in Campbell; we bailed out of the Bay Area and moved to Oregon - it's great here, I went into local government finance and am still doing that; intend to retire to central Oregon and Aptos within 3 years. The kids, strangely enough, both moved to Santa Cruz after college, are gainfully employed using their college degrees and not living at home. ( 5/18/08)

Jennifer Musil Lindley  
Jenni Musil Current photo Flowery Branch, GA.