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Eloise C. Kandle  
Eloise Kandle Current photo No further contact please
Robert W Karr


Rob Karr
Current photo

Cupertino, CA. attending 50th

I'm enjoying retirement and was fortunate enough to retire while I was still young enough to enjoy it. I still water-ski, play competitive volleyball and enjoy every time I get to play music. I don't like golf all that much, but my friends do. So... My career was in computer engineering, mostly graphics and UNIX supercomputers. (11/8/17) Confirmed for 50th

Gerald Katz  
Gerry Katz Current photo

Southlake, TX . hoping to attend 55th

  • My wife is Doris and I have 3 children, Dejah (34), Jared (32), and Shana (28) and two grandchildren, Lewis (3) and Lucille (1), two dogs and a Cockatiel and live in San Jose.
  • I work at Cadence Design Systems as Group Director for Product and Test Engineering and Manufacturing.
  • I still play Blues professionally throughout the Bay Area.
  • Doris works as a school bus driver for handicapped kids.
  • Dejah works in the film business in Hollywood and is married.
  • Jared works as a construction project manager in Palo Alto is married with two children and lives in Boulder Creek.
  • Shana lives on a ranch with her boyfriend, 10 chickens, a rooster and two dogs outside of Fort Worth, Texas. (updated 7/15/17) Confirmed for 50th

My wife and I retired on Oct. 1st, 2021, then sold our house and bought a beautiful house in Southlake, Texas and moved in on Dec. 21, 2021. We are 10 minutes from the DFW airport and are close to shops, restaurants, medical facilities and everything we could ever need.

I will try to make it to the class of 68 55th reunion. (4/8/23)

Cheryl K. Kawamura Melanson  
Cheryl Kawamura Current photo Danville, CA.
William Keating  
Current photo Stockton, CA.
Bill Keech  
Bill Keech Current photo Santa Cruz, CA.
Jeanne L. Kehr Dalton  
Jeanns Kehr Current photo Redding, CA.
Charles W. Kemling  
Chuck Kemling Current photo Burlingame, CA
Janice L. Kenney Crutz  
Current photo El Cajon, CA
Marilyn A. Kent Bingham  
Marilyn Kent Current photo Middletown, CA
Shirley Kinghorn shirley.kinghorn@lhs68.net
Shirley Kinghorn Current photo

Nevada City, CA

History after high school
Graduated from UCB and worked as a teacher before going back to school and getting an Masters degree in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy and becoming a licensed MFT in Grass Valley and Nevada City California before retiring in 2020 on my 70th birthday. I have one beautiful daughter and an awesome partner that I am enjoying traveling and sharing life with. I also have a non profit (Divine Spark) that helps the homeless and those in need that keeps me from getting in too much trouble. I have two dogs with my partner that keeps us moving, hiking on a daily basis. (7/44/23)


Jean Louise Kintz  
Jean Kintz Current photo Denver, CO
Bobbi Ann Kirk Challender  
Bobbi Kirk

Deceased (7/28/1949-11/28/2002)

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Jim Kirkman  
Jim Kirkman Current photo

San Andreas, CA

Jerry Kirkman  
Jerry Kirkman Current photo Santa Cruz, CA
Dieter J. Koch  
Dieter Koch Current photo

Exch. Student.

Lost. Send us a clue.

Joe Koeberle  
Current photo Current photo (See Joe Hopkins)


Krowl Denham  
Karen Krowl Current photo Discovery Bay, CA