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Daniel Wade  
Daniel Wade Current photo

Fort Walton Beach, FL.

I wish the class of 68 members all the very best life has to offer. (6/4/08)

Cheryl Wagner  
Cheryl Wagner Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Terry Anne Waldorf Emler
Terry Waldorf Current photo

Longmont, CO.

(Married to Bob Emler)

Lynne Marie Waldron  
Lynn Waldorn Current photo Fifty years-yikes! I have many happy memories of my life in San Jose, starting at age 7 when it was a place of butterflies, birds and blossoms! After graduation I got my A.A. degree in Early Childhood Education from De Anza in 1971. I went back to school for a certificate in Medical Transcription from West Valley in 1989. I'm divorced, have no kids and have lived in Spokane since 2007. These days I enjoy being the greeter at my church, having espresso at the little coffee shop down the street, communing with nature and visiting with friends and neighbors from all walks of life. I enjoy keeping in touch with folks near and far via snail mail. Blessings to everyone from the class of '68. Have a joyful reunion! (4-14-18)
John Patrick Wall  
John Wall Current photo

Deceased (10/1/50-2015)

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Elizabeth Wall Davis  
Elizabeth Wall Current photo

Carson City, NV

Please check in with Reunion Committee

Sandra I. Walsh Fisher  
Sandra Walsh Current photo Eureka, CA.
James A. Walton  
James Walton Current photo Greenview, CA
Jeannie Waters  
Jeannie Waters Current photo Red Bluff, CA.
Steven J. Waters  
Steven Waters Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Sandra Lea Watson Mileham  
Sandra Watson Current photo Eugene, Oregon
Jeannie M. Weaver  
Jean Weaver Current photo Pleasanton, CA.
Howard T. Webber  
Howard Webber Current photo

Cupertino, CA. Confirmed for 50th


Mary Weiand Williams  
Mary Weiand Current photo Davis, CA
Rebecca Weimortz Gilson  
Rebecca Weimortz Current photo

Gray, GA

Married to Ken Gilson.

Penny Weininger  
Penny Weininger Current photo

Pine City, NY.

I now live in upstate New York (Pine City).  I am divorced with one daughter.  I took an early retirement and am loving it.  Because of it I am able to due what I love most, Art (still learning all the time) and working with the dirt, plants and trees- you name it, just has to be outside. (6/26/08)

John Welch
John Welch John Welch

Los Gatos, CA

Barbara J. Wenger Atkinson
Barbara Wenger Current photo

Stockton, CA

De Anza College 9/68 to 6/70 - AA - Liberal Arts, San Jose State University 9/70 to 6/73 - BA in Spanish & History, 1975 - Secondary Teaching Credential. I taught for a short time both in the public and private school system. I then did numerous jobs in such fields as computers, manufacturing, non-profits, telecommunications, and the public sector at Santa Clara County and San Joaquin County, ending my career with the Stockton Police Department as a notary public and training coordinator, getting many people into classes all over the country. I tell people if I could relive my life, I would not have jumped around so much, as was common in Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, I experienced two big layoffs with MCI in telecommunications where I wanted to end my career. I retired in Dec. 2016, and I now do some biblical teaching at the San Joaquin County Jail for the women. I try to encourage them to get on a better path, so they can leave a legacy for their families. Married to Jay Atkinson in 1973 and have a daughter, Jenna, and son, Jeremy. (4.28.18)Confirmed for 50th

Jane Cecile Wesolowski Schnegg  
Jane Wesolowski Current photo

Berlin, Germany. Confirmed for 50th

Jill White Robinson  
Jill White Current photo Long Beach, CA Confirmed for 50th
Wayne Bud White
Bud White Current photo

Saratoga, CA.

I have been driving up and down Prospect Ave. since 1970.  I live in the Prides Crossing neighborhood. 1/4 mile from Lynbrook.  When I was a 6th grader, at Stichter School, I watched these houses being built and was the first paperboy. I walked through two orchards to get to Miller Jr. High.  People who have moved here, from all over the world, have no idea what a wonderful and somewhat rural area this was.  Too many cars now. Those of you who have not revisited will be shocked. I started my own school picture biz. in 1970 and have worked alone until a few years ago when my son Josh wanted to help.  Vonny, my wife for 35 years, is an RN at Good Sam. My daughter, Michelle, is a dental assistant and lives near Westgate.  My grandson, Jason, likes Sponge Bob.  We are all very happy.  Will be nice to see you all after so many years . . . . and as Spock would say " Live long and prosper "

David Eugene White  
David White

Deceased (4/2/50 to 3/20/98)

Dave was such a good friend to so many of us.  His great smile and laugh made us all feel good.  He is not far from our thoughts as we miss him dearly.  (Kathy Race Linton, 8/10/08).

Hendrick Jon Wichers  
Tom Wichers Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Don B. Wiggin  
Don Wiggin Current photo Fairfield, CT.
Glen Robert Wiley  
Glen Wiley Current photo

El Dorado Hills, CA Confirmed for 50th

Brian Williams  
Brian Williams Current photo

Deceased (3/22/1950 - 1/7/2021)

Brian passed away of a heart attack on the morning of 1/7/2021. The years at Merle Ranch were the happiest of his entire life. He often said that his whole life had been spent in preparation for working there. We will all miss him greatly. We are comforted to know that he died doing what he loved in the forest he loved. He believed that he belonged to the land and he wanted to serve it and I believe he did.
His sister, Lindy (Lindy Meisenbach 1/11/21)

Online obituary

Brian was a friend from 8th grade, well past college. He was indeed someone who seemed from another era. The first time I had dinner at his house in the Cupertino foothills (on Lindy Lane, named after his oldest sister Lindy) Everyone had their own steak! I was greatly impressed. At that time they still had some cattle. Where else could you go to shoot a .22 rifle at tin cans, without getting into trouble? His family was one of the few I knew who had a color TV. I would go to his house for a meal of hot dog and onion sandwiches, and watch the original Star Trek in color! Brian was a natural “mountain man,” not a poser. I’ll never forget the time he invited our band to play out in the street, under the redwood trees at his place in Redwood Estates. We certainly lost contact in later years, but am happy to have been through many of life’s stages while I did know him. (Geoff Gould, 3/21/23)

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David E. Williams  
David Williams

Deceased (5/17/51 - 7/8/09)

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James Greg Williams  
James Williams Current photo McArthur, CA.
Susan Williams  
Susan Williams Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Gerald Edward Williamson  
Gerald Williamson

Deceased (4/2/50 to 6/22/07)

Online Obituary

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Deborah C. Willis Montgomery  
Debbie Willis Current photo Austin, TX. .
James Wesley Willson  

Current photo

Deceased 8/25/50 to 4/1/10)

Online Obituary

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Cheryl Wilson  
Cheryl Wilson Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Janet Marshall Wilson  
Janet Wilson Current photo

Deceased (1/28/50 - 1/6/18)

Online obituary

Read this special memory/reflection from a close friend of Janet's

Janet sent us this report back in 2008:
I went to law school and have been working for psychiatric patients' rights since 1982! I am now the Program Director for Patients' Rights for Contra Costa and Napa Counties. (5/13/08)

John D. Wilson  
John Wilson Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Shirley Wilson McKellips  
Shirley Wilson Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Pete Witt  
Pete Witt Current photo After high school I went into the Air Force.  After serving during Vietnam I could not wait for college. I attended San Jose State University and Stanford University obtaining degrees in Business Marketing and Computer Science.   In 1987 I helped create a consulting company The HOBBS Group.  As a managing partner and principal consultant I oversee the consulting practice focused on Project Management, Business Process Improvement and Systems Integration.  I have had a very fortunate career both professionally and personally.  In the early 90's I could not get enough schooling so I went on to get an MBA in Portland , Oregon.  At the same time I became CEO of a software development company that 5 years later we sold for a song or two. Throughout the 90's I travelled throughout the USA and Europe for our clients.  Even explored the Nuclear Power industry performing management and process improvement audits (still have a slight glow about me). Since 2006, I have been able to slow down some of my traveling and  do more volunteer work serving on a couple of local boards and working with county government on productivity improvements.   My wife and I moved to Olympia WA in 2002. We live with views of Puget Sound on a couple of acres.   (6/3/08)
Susan E. Witt Szabo  
Susan Witt Current photo Boise, ID.
Patricia Ann Wolfe  
Patricia Wolfe Current photo

Medford, OR. .

I am currently working at the same hospital I've been at for the last 26 years.  Still a Registered Nurse but now working in the Cardiac Education Dept.  I have family still in Calif. and get there infrequently.  I enjoy the great Oregon outdoors when I can.  I share my home with my dog, Elly.  Not a whole lot else going on.  Tell Duane I still remember our Square Dance Class for P.E. It was a fun and lasting memory.  Can't forget our Monkee visit either. Were those the days.. or what?  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!  Pat.  God Bless you all!!!!!!!!!!! (7/13/08)

Joan Woo  
Joan Woo Current photo Lost. Send us a clue.
Katherine S. Wood  
Kathy Wood Current photo Walnut Creek, CA.
Evelyn Wood  
Evelyn Wood Current photo

Mainly RV'ing in AZ and NM

Four years ago I sold my house and everything in it and bought a motor home and live and travel in it. I very rarely make it back to California spending most of my time in Arizona and New Mexico. I write a blog which is mostly pictures. Here's a link just in case you'd like to take a look. http://evierving.blogspot.com/2017/07/more-from-pacific-northwest.html

Marsha Wright  
Current photo  

Lakeview, OH

After graduating from Lynbrook, I returned to Ohio & graduated from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio in Speech Communications; moved to Salem, Oregon where I met my husband. We started a band, the Renegades and toured w/ such bands as The Drifters. Our daughter, Michelle (Micki) was born in 1978 while I was employed @ MGM Reno, in as an Interviewer...divorced in 1982, returned to San Jose & enjoyed a Pharmaceutical Sales career, both in California & Ohio. My Graduate degree in Transpersonal Psychology was from JFK University in Orinda, California. I presently reside in Lakeview, Ohio; Indian Lake is across the street & I am 25 mins. Away from my daughter & 4 grandchildren, the oldest now goes to Kent State. (2/21/18)

Shirley Jean Wright Baughn  
Shirley Wright Current photo San Diego, CA.